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Cowichan Valley Open Learning
1033 Nagle Street, Duncan, BC, V9L 2E6

16-18 year olds
250 746-6052

Chemainus Secondary Open Learning (CHS OL)
14-18 year olds
250 246-4711 (121) or 250 246-6614

Cowichan Secondary School Open Learning (CSS OL)
14-18 year olds
250 746-4435 (258) or 250 710-0472

Frances Kelsey Secondary Open Learning (FKS OL)
14-18 year olds
250 743-6916 (389) or 250 701-7495

Lake Cowichan Secondary Open Learning (LCS OL)
14-18 year olds
250 749-6634 (249) or 250 701-7538

The Grove (CVDL), SD79’s Distributed Learning Program
250 746-6052


Cowichan Valley Open Learning (CVOL)

Scott Jackson Principal
Charlie Coleman Co-Principal
Gloria Waldron Admin Secretary
TBA Counselling Secretary
Barb Stewart Student Support Worker
Bernice Hennessy Teacher
Darian Achurch Teacher
Darrell Wright Teacher
Amanda Goncalves Teacher
Jenn Guterson Teacher
Tara Friest Lord Teacher
Kelly Davidson Teacher
Kim Douglas Teacher
Lisa Kellar Teacher
Val Kimmett Education Assistant
Nate Boersen Teacher
Neil Ellingson Teacher
Oliver Clifton Cultural Teaching Assistant
Christine Robbins Teacher
 Caitlyn McNamara Teacher
Sara Wood Teacher
Sue Mottle Custodian
Middle Alternate Program (MAP)
Jas Doman Teacher
Jeannie Mellor Student Support Worker
Chemainus Open Learning (CH OL)
Irwin Tollefson Teacher
Sylvia Benjamin Student Support Worker
Cowichan Secondary Open Learning (CS OL)
Tom Fogarty Teacher
Cheryl Jordan Student Support Worker
Frances Kelsey Open Learning (FK OL)
CJ Smith Teacher
Keitha Cooke-Peabody Student Support Worker
Cowichan Valley Alternate School (CVAS)
Kim Anderton Teacher
TBA Student Support Worker …
Steve McCulloch Work Program Coordinator
Jarred van de Mortel Program Worker
Lake Cowichan Open Learning (LC OL)
Kim Hajdu Teacher
Lorna McPherson Student Support Worker
The Grove (CVDL)
Krista Crowther Teacher
Tara Friest Lord Teacher
Amanda Goncalves Teacher
Craig Lauridsen Teacher
Johanna Stuart Teacher
Jan Sanders Student Support Worker
Sara Wood Teacher
Robert Wright Teacher


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