CVOL Programs


Cowichan Valley's School District runs its Alternate Program from CVOLC

From the Ministry of Education

Policy Statement

Alternate education programs focus on educational, social and emotional issues for students whose needs are not being met in a traditional school program. An alternate education program provides its support through differentiated instruction, specialized program delivery and enhanced counselling services based on students’ needs.

Rationale or purpose of policy

Students who attend alternate education programs are often the most vulnerable population in the school system. Alternate education programs have disproportionate numbers of children and youth in care, Aboriginal students, children and youth living in poverty or the street, gifted children who have difficulty in social situations, children and youth involved in drugs, alcohol and the sex trade, and youth with mental health concerns. Alternate education programs offer an opportunity for these vulnerable and at-risk students to experience success.

BC Ministry of Education

Is Open Learning For You?

  • Do you want to attend a school with smaller classes and more personalized learning?
  • Do you want to return and catch up at school?
  • Do you want to get prerequisites for college or earn certificate courses to help you get a job?
  • Do you work part-time while completing school?
  • Do you have small children and need daycare while you attend school?

If you answer “Yes” to any of these questions, please contact us.  For childcare information please call  Growing Together (250) 748-9754

Open Learning at a Glance

Students have many options at Cowichan Valley Open Learning.  These include:

  • Grove (Distributed Learning k-12)
  • Cowichan Valley Alternate Programs
    • CVAS: Grades 8 & 9’s at Providence Farm
    • Satellite Classrooms: At each local high school

Each Program consists of a full time teacher and student support worker and can be created to suit each student.  For instance, we can design a program that is a blend between a satellite site and the high school or between the Grove (online) and CVOL.  Ask about these opportunities at your intake meeting!