CVOL Satellite Sites


About our CVOL Satellite Sites

CVOLC has four off campus learning centres, we affectionately call our “satellite sites”, located at each District high school.

Each site has:

  • an on-site learning centre with all day classes
  • full time teacher
  • full time student support worker (SSW)
  • the ability to cross enrol at the high school (with administration permission)

Cowichan Secondary Open Learning.

Cowichan Secondary School Open Learning (CSOL) is supported by Tom Fogarty and Cheryl Jordan (SSW).  Students are able to take classes/electives at Cowichan Secondary whilst simultaneously benefiting from the Open Learning approach, including more one-to-one support, self-paced courses, life-skills workshops, and increased flexibility.

Teacher: Tom Fogarty

Frances Kelsey Secondary Open Learning.

Frances Kelsey Secondary Open Learning (FKOL) is supported by CJ Smith and Keitha Cooke-Peabody (SSW).  This program runs out of a portable on the FKS property which offers more one-on-one support for learners.  FKOL strives to help learners increase their confidence in academics as well as social responsibility and wellness.

Teacher: CJ Smith

Lake Cowichan Secondary Open Learning.

Lake Cowichan Secondary Open Learning (LCOL) is supported by Kim Hajdu and Lorna McPherson (SSW). LCOL strives to create a safe and positive environment where we can build strong relationships that become the foundation for future educational and life success.

Teacher: Kim Hajdu

Chemainus Secondary Open Learning.

Chemainus Secondary Open Learning (CHOL) is supported by Irwin Tollefson and Sylvia Benjamin (SSW). This program runs from a classroom in the heart of the high school.  CHOL works hard to help students in the classroom to achieve their academic goals as well as boost their confidence, create a sense of community and support them however they need.

Teacher: Irwin Tollefson