About Cowichan Valley Open Learning


We know that learning can take place anywhere and any time and does not need to fit into the rigid timelines of a traditional classroom. Our programs at Cowichan Valley Open Learning work with all our Cowichan Valley School District programs to create learning environments that support home learning families.  By accessing places and spaces that focus on the personalization and the flexible structure of the curriculum, a student can lead their learning in programs unique to their strengths and interests. No two students in the Cowichan Valley School District will graduate with a program that looks the same.

What are the programs that work under the Cowichan Valley Open Learning Co-op?

Our Mission Statement.

“The Mission Statement of Open Learning, in partnership with community, is to provide students with an alternative to the regular school programs by offering an opportunity to experience success in a safe, nurturing, learning environment that emphasizes social, emotional and academic development.”