CVOLC at a Glance


CVOLC at a Glance.

  • Part-time / full-time programs
  • Continuous entry
  • Child Care on site – newborn to 5 years old
  • Upgrading to Grade 10
  • Academic and Elective Grade 10, 11 & 12 courses
  • Full graduation with graduation ceremony and banquet
  • Certificate courses and workshops for job entry skills
  • Work experience program and placements available for all students
  • Access to ACE IT and secondary school apprenticeship, college level programs and career technical centres
  • Breakfast and lunch programs
  • Small classes with caring teachers
  • Advisor program
  • Individualized and group learning
  • Scheduled classes, self-paced and computer directed learning available
  • Referral from the secondary schools
  • Self referral
  • Returning to school after an extended absence
  • Cultural Activities